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Date: 14th Nov 2017 @ 7:51pm

Review your books and make recommendations of books for your friends.

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Rojana G wrote:

Agatha Parrot and the mushroom boy by Kjartan Poskitt illustrated by David Tazzyman
this story is about the time I ( Agatha Parrot ) was watching sing, wiggle and shine (worst talent show ever wahoo!! love it ) but all of a sudden the remote was gone from my hand and the TV channel also changed to boring football, that was because my evil brother James nicked the TV remote. Don't worry I got my own back with a cake and a mushroom boy ( boy oh boy it was an amazing adventure) It will all make sense to you after you've read this awesome fabulous book!!
recommended by Rojana Gurung

Kevin S wrote:

Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw. Author:Jeff Kinney. Greg Heffely’s dad wants Greg to stop his wimpy ways and toughen up.

Sakses R wrote:

Jed's Last Swim
This book is about a ghost who is trying to swim back to the shores .Jack Laura keeps on seeing his head bobbing in the water . Then Debbie , Jack and Laura helped him to go to the shore. I liked this book because it is about teamwork.I recommend this book to my friends.

Keira L wrote:

I recommend Sky hawk
It is about a girl who's mum is a robber and people judge her by her mum's reputation, but she makes a friend and tells him a secret about an Osprey.
I hope you read and enjoy this book.

Aamira S wrote:

Aamira Squire
I recommend White Dolphin by Gill Murphy
it's about a girl who has dyslexia and tries to save this dolphin with a boy , by using her mum's power point .
She also finds out how her mum went missing.
I hope you enjoy the book.

Aamira S wrote:

Murder Most Unladylike
By Robin Stevens
It's set in this posh boarding school for girls called Deapenden .
Two best friends try to find out who murdered their science and English teachers .
Hope you enjoy this blog.

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