Jellyfish (Year 3/4) 2020 - 2021

Term 6

Welcome to Term 6 in the Jellyfish Class.  It Iooks like it will be another unsual term for us as some of you will be returning to school on 1st June and some of your will continue to learn from home.   I know that Term 5 was very strange because we weren't together in school but I am so impressed with the way that many of the Jellyfish engaged with their online learning - well done, Jellies - and I know that you will continue to do you best during Term 6, too.

So, what will we be learning about this term?  

In Maths, Year 3 will be focusing on addition and subtraction.  You will be adding and subtacting mentally and you will begin to use formal columnar methods to add and subtract, as well as learning to use the inverse to check answers to calculations.

In English, we will be finishing our fantastic class book, James and the Giant Peach as well as focusing on some Spelling and Grammar work for the first couple of weeks.  Do you know what a time conjunction is?  Did you know that a prefix can help you to work out what a word means? Can you use 'a' and 'an' correctly? These are just some of the things that we will be covering in Term 6.

In Science we will be finding out about types of skeletons and we will learn about some of the bones in the skeleton and their names.

We will continue to study French and Music too, using the online tools that you have been using throughout Term 5.

Keep checking this class page and our galleries to see what everyone is getting up to both in school and at home.

If you have any questions about your home learning, you can either leave a comment on the homework page or you can ask your parents/carers to email me.

Mrs Kemp 



Term far

Welcome to the penultimate week of Term 5 and it's been a strange term, to say the least!  The Jellyfish continue to do some fabulous home learning - have a peak at our home learning gallery and see what they've been up to.  There's been baking, rocket launching and garden Science, as well as some fantastic Maths and English learning.  Well done, Jellyfish!

This week in Maths, the 3 Year Jellyfish are continuing to learn about Geometry specifically looking at right angles as turns and different types of lines.  In English, we are carrying on with the fantastic James and the Giant Peach.  For Topic work this week, I am asking the children to carry on with their French (using Duolingo) and Music (Charanga).  

Have a great week, everybody.

Mrs Kemp


Jellyfish have taken on the challenge of home learning and are doing a fantastic job (as are their Mums and Dads!).  It's lovely to be in contact with some of the class during the week and to see their wonderful home learning.

Some of the Jellyfish are joining in with Joe Wicks to do PE each morning at 9am - well done!  We have heard reports of some children running around their garden for the Physical 15 and one of the Jellyfish has been dancing for the Physical 15.

The Jellyfish team love to see photos of what you're doing during the lockdown, so please continue to send them.  Have a look at our gallery for Ruby's wonderful poster showing what she has learnt about the digestive system. 

Remember, Jellyfish, your home learning is uploaded to the homework section of the website each Monday morning and you will have to use your username and password to access it.  There is Maths, English, Science and Topic learning to access and if you (or your parents) have any queries, you can leave me a comment on the homework page or email me.

Home learning this week for Maths is Properties of Shape. In English we will continue with the story of James and the Giant PeachIn Science, we'll be finding out about nutrition.

Last, but not least - The Power of Kindness.  Mrs Day mentioned this in the newsletter and the Jellyfish Team are proud to say that Ruby carried out an act of kindness by helping her brother Reggie with his home learning without being asked, while her Mum was with their younger brother.  Well done, Ruby.  Have a look in our gallery for a photo.

Have a lovely week, Jellyfish!

Mrs Kemp

Term 5

Whilst I can't say welcome back to school, I can say Welcome to term 5!  I hope that you are all healthy and well and staying at home, although, I realise that some of our parents are key workers and are still going out to work on a regular basis.

So, this will be our first full term of distance learning in the Jellyfish class.  I know that some children have been logging on to the website and joining in with the discussions that I have been putting on there and have engaged in many of the home learning activities.  I know that some of you have not logged in yet but have been completing the home learning packs that I gave you before the school closed.  However, all home learning will now be set via the homework page on the website, so please ensure that you check in at the beginning of each week, to see what home learning I have planned for you.

Parents - I have uploaded the Jellyfish learning journey on the Homework page, which details some of you child's learning for this term.  You or child can access this by logging in to School Spider.

If you've got questions at all about any of the learning, please contact me and I will get back to you as quickly as I can and answer your query.

Term 5 is going to be a strange one for all of us because we won't be at school and together for our learning, however, staying safe and staying home is what's important for us all right now.

Best wishes

Mrs Kemp

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