Turtles (Year 5 Maths) 2019 - 2020


Although based in Sand DollarsYear 5 are very proud of their Maths which they do as a year 5 with Mrs Tee in the Turtle Class, so have a separate page to share our learning and ideas.


School Closure Information

Please check school spider app for any updates on school closure. Now that we know the closures will be happening for all but the children of key workers there are a range of resources for you to use, including websites, suggestions, lessons and resources to help your child's continued progression.

Turtles have access to a range of home learning offered by certain sites. Their logins are in the new books they set up in class today and we have worked through them in class. They will need use of a laptop, PC or tablet to access these resources. For those that are not on line there are some paper resources to complete. Please feel free to email me if you need more, and once out of self isolation I will drop resources off. 

I am getting to grips with the other resources that will give you off line support as well. Best wishes to all at this time.  Mrs Tee 


Home Maths Lesson

Ideally your children need to do a maths lesson every day they are not at school, a suggested home lesson might look like this:


5 minutes game/warmup activity (eg TT Rockstars)

20 mins of a maths powerpoint lesson (see separate maths lesson powerpoints downloadable below, these will last between 1 and 3 lessons depending on the lesson and your child's ability).

25 minutes of practice on Classroom secrets/purple Mash 

10 mins of maths games of their choice (including chess, chequers,, monopoly or any boardgames withh maths)


If anything is too hard, text me on senco@guston.kent.sch.uk and I will try to upload alternative resources. The children can recap on areas of maths using a range of websites. These offer activities to support the maths lesson they have picked and to practise their tables.They have logins for the following:


Times Table Rockstars https://ttrockstars.com/

Purple Mash https://www.purplemash.com/sch/guston

Classroom Secrets  https://kids.classroomsecrets.co.uk/


Maths Homework Tasks are available using the following link:


You can get on this site wihtout logging on by using the link above. I will set active maths tasks here, if your children need a break from the powerpoints as set tasks that have been set for them this week or you just want to shake it up use the active maths resources. See the homework area for suggested activities of the week.


In addition Turtles recommend the following games for maths practice, use the blog facility to let people know of anything you find that is a great resource: 







There are some sites that allow you free access for 14 days or so, check this one out, more will be added to try to keep the interest up as the time moves on:



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