Otters (Year 4)



Welcome to Term 6 in Otters Class! We have lots of exciting things planned for this term, ask your children what we have been upto to find out all about it!

For our yearly curriculum planning, have a look here:

KS2 Foundation Long Term Plan

KS2 English Long Term Plan

KS2 Maths Long Term Plan

For our termly overview, have a look here:

Term 6 Overview



This week, it is…Arshi! For being a very compassionate member of the class and always helping out others, even if it’s not the easiest thing to do! Well done Arshi!

PE, the Mile Run and Swimming

We will continue running our mile a day and will be doing this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, alongside Owls and Robins class. Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school at all times so that they can participate in both the run and PE (Tuesday afternoons)! They will also need a spare pair of socks for the mile run, as the grass can sometimes be a bit dewy in the mornings!

This term, we will also be taking part in swimming lessons at Dover Leisure Centre on Wednesday mornings. Please can you ensure your child has the correct kit for swimming (swimming costume/trunks, towel and underwear) and as we have an early session, it would be advisable to send the children to school with their swimwear on under their  clothes.

Thank you!

Our Class Blog!

We have recently started our own blog for writing. Check it out and leave us some comments!

Otters Blog


Homework will now be given out on a Friday and due back on the date on the sheet. It will usually consist of a number of tasks or projects that the children need to complete.  They can do this in any creative or imaginative way they want to! In the past, we have had photos, models, pull out flaps and games!  There might also be tasks where you are encouraged to read and discuss topics with your children.

Remember to stay safe when researching online!

The Anglo Saxons

Thank you to everyone who brought in their homework on time and fully completed, they were wonderful to look through!

Have a look at a few here:


Holiday Homework

50 Things to do Challenge – Holiday Homework

Instead of a ‘traditional’ homework project for each half term or holiday, this homework is designed to cover all the holidays throughout the year. The children can do as many or as few of the things on the list each time, with the aim to have many of them completed by the end of the school year.

They can complete their recording of their experiences in any way they would like, a few ideas are in the document above.

Talk lots and have fun!

RE – Our Christian Values

This term, our RE will be based around our Christian values in school. We created posters that named all 5 of our values – Compassion, Equality, Endurance, Forgiveness and Friendship – and talked about what they meant to us and what we do everyday to show our Christian values. have a look at our fabulous posters!



In English, we have been reading ‘Beowulf’ and are now looking at explanation texts so that we can write an explanation called ‘How to kill a Monster’. Here we are learning an explanation text using actions to help us!



In science, we have been exploring electricity and have created our own electrical safety posters that will be up around school. Make sure you check them out!

Interviewing Beowulf!

In English, we have been interviewing for the role of ‘beast slayer’, based on our class text. We needed someone brave, mighty and reliable so we decided to interview potential candidates and see who would be the most suitable!


On Thursday 4th May, we had the lovely opportunity to visit St. Edmunds School for a science workshop. It was very exciting to be in a real, secondary school science lab and we learnt loads about our science topic this term, electricity.


This term, our class text is ‘Beowulf’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have been doing lots of reading and role-play to understand the text and think about what the characters were doing and how they felt.


This term, our theme will be ‘The Anglo Saxons’. We kicked off our theme with a day where we put on our best historical investigation hats, and became archaeologists for the day!

We had a photograph and a drawing of a burial site found in Canterbury in 1980 and, using the information we had been given, we had to find out as much about this group of people as we could. It was great fun, have a look at us investigating this exciting discovery.