Robins (Year 3)



Welcome to Robins class page!

Welcome to term 2 in the Robins!

We’ve had a busy first week back because it’s been Greek Architecture Week!  We’ve been learning about different types of Greek architecture such as temples and stoas and we’ve built our own models of them.  We’ve also designed and made Greek theatre masks.  We will be finishing the week off with a workshop where we will building a Greek temple in the hall.  Photos to follow.

The weather has turned colder now, so please ensure that the Robins have coats at school for playtimes and lunchtimes and just in case we take our learning outside.

The results are in!  Our school councillors are Arthur Trimby and Yedim Limbu.  Congratulations to them both.  We think that they’re going to be fantastic representatives of the Robins class.

We are also very excited that Zoya was announced as Writer of the Week last week – well done, Zoya!  You can read her fantastic piece of writing about the first nine plagues, on the back of the newsletter.

It’s the end of week 4 and we’ve been so busy!

Here is a taste of what we’ve been up to recently.

Yesterday was Democracy Day at Guston.  We registered to vote for our school councillor.



We talked about how we would like to change the school and how we could do it with little or no money!

Lots of Robins wanted to be candidates and they wrote their manifesto and then tried to convince the class that they should vote for them.  Well done to all the candidates for being brave enough to stand up in front of the class and talk about themselves.  We can only have two school councillors per class and the winners will be announced in Friday’s celebration assembly, so watch this space!

Welcome to Term 1 in the Robins class.


An overview of what we will be covering this term….

We’ve been looking at Greek myths this week and have talked about features of a myth – ask your child to tell you some of the features that we’ve talked about.

We’ve also been on our first Key Stage 2 trip this week!  We went to Dover Museum.  The Robins were fantastic and Mrs Kemp was especially proud of their learning behaviours at the museum and also the way they walked back to school up the hill in the heat.  Well done, Robins!

Here are some pictures of our day…

One of our favourite parts of the day was making the head of Zeus out of clay.  Aren’t the results fantastic?