Gardening Club

Children from the gardening club will be keeping an online diary of their work and planting over the year.

02.06. 14

G’day mates and welcome to a Guston gardening blog and well today we are going to tell you about our new seeds we have planted to make the front look pretty also alot of weeding has been done! We are trying to get some more radishes to be pulled out but they are a bit small. We have already pulled some out as the children have took some radishes home  also we have been growing strawberris they are growing relly well we are hoping that they can take them home soon We have made six pounds on the plant sale, also we have been planting beetroot and marigolds hopeing they grow well, Phoebe waters the planets every Monday and Eirwen takes the photos every Monday too. see you soon bye. from Eirwen, Phoebe and Caitlin







19.05.14  Hello peeps and welcome to a new gardening special. We have a lot in store today like tomatoe plants we have sold to the staff next up, do you remember last year we told you about our sunflowers and then they died, well we have grown them again but we have put slug pellets on them so please don’t touch them now ! Now the moment you have been waiting for more radishes have come up and the mint is doing very well also the runner beans are doing well too see you again soon from Phoebe and Eirwen

13.05.14. A’op everyone  we have been planting seeds and weeding. The radishes that we planted have come up and we got to eat them, some of us really liked them and got to take them home. We’ve also been planting new plants to make our garden beautiful and colourful. Next week we will be weeding the front of our school. bye from Kiera, Eirwen,Caitlin and the whole of gardening club.

Getting ready for Spring. Clearing beds and planting seeds.


Here are some pictures of our gardening club area.


Guten tag all,

This week at gardening club we are ripping out the dead plants in the garden such as the tomatoe stalks, bean stalks, and weeds! The members are MAKING A MESS! The gardeners have discovered PURPLE seeds inside the runnerbeans , we have grown. Mrs Davies is collecting the onions up and hanging them on string,from the shed (it is sort of a tradition.) Whist the gardeners are sweeping the floor and collecting the vegetables me and Phoebe are inside doing this, how lucky! Also they are raking the massive pots to put some NEW seeds in them, they are working very hard. But we are working harder then them, because we are typing our fingers off (not really their working more then us!) ha ha! After collecting veggies we get to take them home, and Eat THEM! That is all for now, see y’ll next week!




Hala everyone,

Welcome to gardening club this week, at gardening club we did some collage to represent harvest time.Because Mrs Davies wasn’t here our yr5 teaching assistant did some art with us. We made vegetables and fruit and stuck  them on a big piece of paper. It might even go up in the shcool hall on display. We made pumpkins,potatoes,cabbage,sweetcorn,tomatoes,blackberries and carrots that were brilliant made by phoebe! Not forgetting to check out the blog everyweek. See you all next week! KAPOW!!!!!


Miaow Peeps,

This week at gardening club the gardeners weeded the massive planting area outside the office. Also they re-planted some old plants that were dead We also deadhaeded the plants with seeds in and planted them somewhere else,my new assitant Phoebe took some lovely pictures of the garden and the gardners.The gardeners have a new display up on the board aboutwhat the grow and do, the chillies they grew have changed colour from green to red and soon we are going to make a chutney out of all our vegtables. Iwas Kiera and she was Phoebe, peace out everone.

Bonjour everyone

Welcome back to a new term this week the gardeners collected the vegetables. We deheaded  some of the flowers we didnt need, because they were old and weak, it will help us in the future to grow more plants because there’s seeds inside. We pulled the onions out to string them.A couple of the nepalese adults will make some tomato chutney. Pictures to come….. We are the new bloggers Kiera and Sajita. bye


Hali guys,
So today the gardeners are watering our beautiful flowers in the sun, while we are here in the shade doing something very secretive……. blogging!!!  TeeHee 🙂 We are also doing a thank you card for our caretaker Mr Kenedy, because he will be  watering our preicous plants over the summer holidays! Yeah!!!! Can anyone wait till the summer holidays? Sorry guys this is all for today. Sadly, this is our last blog. Once upon a time, Bipana and Smarika blogged. Next, it’s Kiera…

Caio guys,
Hows y’all? Fine? Thought so…So…haha I said so 2 times! So anyways, today we’ve been doing a vary of things such as wordsearches, making masks, making beaks, spot the difference and making bird mobiles. We had to water the marigolds, which are  lovely and  are also in full bloom. The bean plants are about to grow. And the kitchen is going to serve spinach in school dinner tomorrow.  Sorry, that’s all we have for today because we only did those things . Bye guys!

Guten Tag peeps,
Wassup?! So, this week, we have been going to the Pear Store in Los Angeles…yeah- it was amazing!! Okay, okay, we’re just kidding! Actually, we have been creating a nature collage, ain’t that exciting?! We have also been finding worms, apparently (according to Mr.Harper). And you know the rest…weeding, watering and getting themselves messy! That’s what Gardening is all about! LoL! Did you know that our runner beans are in shape now?! No, no? Okay. Sorry guys, this is all we have for this week. Blame the world…just kidding! Don’t! Anyway, stay in touch…aite? Kay, bye!

Howdy partner,
Hows y’all? Fine? Okay 🙂 So, today we have something very exciting to tell you guys…Eirwen was given a high recommended certificate for gardening from R.H.S. Ain’t that exciting, huh? Anyways, this week we weeded the garden near the mobile and the teacher’s were quite pleased with our work. Awww don’t you love the fame?! We have another exciting thing to tell you peeps…our gardening shed and our green house is all tidy! No, no? Ok. So, soz- this is all for this week…bye.


Meow everyone,
This is our blog, okay bye!
Just kidding, just kidding! So anyway, last week we told you that we painted the pots,right? Well, this week, after we painted the pots, we coated them with PVA glue and water. We are wishing for the sun to bring our plants on. Some of us have been tidying the shed and the green house. We have also been weeding and watering plants. Did you know, our herb garden is smelling lovely these days- just because of us…I know, I know- we’re awsome! Okay, peace out for this week- keep calm and carry on (until next week)! 😀

Namaste everybody,
This week some of us have been planting hollihocks and bean plants, we have also been weeding. The rest of us have been making instect boxes. If you would like to learn how to make one, follow these simple steps:


Clay Pot
Cello Tape


1) First roll up strips of newspaper around a pencil.
2) Then tape  it together.
3) Do the same thing and make lots of them.
4) After that paint the clay pot whichever colour you want.
5) Next fill up a clay pot with them.
6) Finally coat the outside of the pot with PVA glue to protect it from the water.


Feel free to look at the pictures below:



Hey guys,
This is our first blog so we’re really excited. This week, in Gardening Club, we have been clearing up the Rememberance area so that we can have other plants growing there. We have also been scattering different types of plants for Spring. We are hoping our pear and apple trees will grow soon.


Bonjour everyone,
Welcome back from your half term- we hope you had a wonderful spring break. We are sorry that we couldn’t do the blog for the last couple of weeks because we were so busy with SATs revisions, SATs etc.  Anyways, last term we planted 5 sunflowers and in pairs, we estimated how long they will grow, but sadly there was a problem- the slugs ate them. They invaded our sunflowers! But do not worry, other sunflowers are here, meaning we planted other sunflowers.We planted Marigold, Godetia and Lavateria. We also planted Pumpkin, Squash and Runner beans.