At Guston we are committed to the inclusion of all children. We seek to create a stimulating curriculum within a safe and calm environment to nurture children’s natural curiosity and to give them the confidence to engage with the many opportunities school offers. We welcome the ethos of the New SEND Code of Practice published in January 2015, which sets out the expectation for all children and young people to be given an equal opportunity to access a challenging and interesting curriculum through partnership between parents, schools, health and social services.

Inclusion is about equal opportunities for all learners regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, attainment and background. We carefully track the progress of different groups within the school to ensure training and resources are identified to improve outcomes and progress. Focus groups within the school include:

  • girls and boys
  • learners with special educational needs
  • learners with disabilities and/or medical needs
  • those who are gifted and talented
  • those who are looked after by the local authority
  • learners with English as an additional language
  • those learners who are entitled to pupil premium through their mobility or economic circumstances
  • core children (those that start with us in their reception year)

Our school values the partnership with parents. We offer a range of opportunities for parents to engage with their children’s learning through parent evenings, assemblies, open days and celebrations. In addition the school offers adult learning courses and workshops, details of which can be found on the FLO, SEND or relevant curriculum pages.

Mrs Tee, our inclusion manager, is happy to meet with parents at their request, regarding both educational and community issues. All suggestions of events or initiatives we could offer within the school are welcome.