Kingfishers (Year 1)




Welcome to Year 1



It’s Safer Internet Day 2016 and the Kingfishers have been talking about how we can help to make the internet a nicer place for everyone.  We think that on the internet we should…


….just like we are with our friends in the classroom, the playground and the play park.

Here are some of the hearts that we’ve designed to ‘spread the love’ on Safer Internet Day.


Yesterday (1 February) we were experimenting with clay.  We talked about how the clay felt, played with it, made it into various shapes and came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe how it felt.  Then used various tools – matchsticks, pasta shells, split pins and lolly sticks to create texture.


Term 3 Newsletter

In Maths this week we have been learning about fractions.  We can now find half and quarter of a shape.  We’ve learnt about finding halves of a length; weights and capacities and a quantity.  We had lots of fun during the weight and capacity lesson and managed to get a lot of rice, pasta and lentils on the carpet!


We have had a fantastic gymnastic lesson this week.  Have a look at our photos.  Some of them are ‘action’ shots and so they are a bit blurry!


As this is our first week as the Kingfishers, we decided to make a class book all about kingfishers.  We’ve been learning lots of facts about this beautiful bird and we’ve used our knowledge of non fiction texts to write some lovely pages for our book.  Please have a look at our book during our next drop-in session.


We have just combined our 2 previous year 1 classes into a new class. We will be adding pictures and content soon.