Learning & Teaching




Early Years


Most children join our school, in the Foundation Stage, at the beginning of the school year in which they reach 5 years old. We are committed to providing children with a wide range of practical and challenging activities, both in the classroom and outside, designed to promote development in the following areas:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication, language and literacy
  • mathematical development
  • understanding of the world
  • physical development
  • expressive art and design


We also develop the characteristics of effective learning through playing, exploring, active learning , creating and thinking critically.


Key Stage 1 (5–7 years) and Key Stage 2 (7-11 years)

Here is a letter with more information about the National Curriculum 2014. Parent Letter.

Teaching and learning at Guston covers all areas of the National Curriculum, and is broadened and enriched through a wide range of teaching strategies, excellent resources, and varied activities. We understand that individual children learn in different ways. Teaching aims to support different learning styles, enabling children to progress in skills, knowledge and understanding.


We ensure that the curriculum:

    • is accessible and personalised to all children
    • promotes physical, moral, cultural and spiritual development
    • prepares children for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life
    • is enjoyable!


Our curriculum includes:

  •  ENGLISH- Speaking and listening; reading; writing.
    To find out how we teach reading click here.
  •  MATHEMATICS – using and applying mathematics; number and algebra; shape, space and measures
  •  SCIENCE – Experimental and investigative science; life processes and living things; materials and their properties; physical processes; data handling
  •  COMPUTING – using, exploring and discussing experiences of IT; communicating and handling information; controlling and modelling
  •  HISTORY – chronology; range and depth of historical knowledge and understanding; interpretations of history; historical enquiry; organisation and communication
  •  GEOGRAPHY – geographical skills, places, thematic studies
  •  ART – investigating and making; knowledge and understanding
  •  MUSIC – performing and composing; listening and appraising
  •  PHYSICAL EDUCATION – games; gymnastics; dance; athletics; swimming
  •  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION – learning about different belief, moral and cultural systems*


* At Guston Church of England Primary School, in line with legislation, parents have the right to withdraw their child or children from Religious Education, which forms part of the school’s basic curriculum. To exercise this right parents are asked to write to the Headteacher informing her of their desire to exercise the right to withdrawal from R.E. The Headteacher will invite parents into school to discuss their concerns, clarify the nature of the R.E. provided by the school and set out the options open to the parents as set out in education law. In line with SACRE’s recommendation, where a pupil is withdrawn from R.E. and they do not take part in alternative religious education they will be supervised by an appropriate member of staff whilst doing work set by their parents which will seek to further their knowledge and understanding of their parents beliefs and values. Parents do not have to give a reason to exercise their right to withdrawal.


We believe that ICT should be used across the curriculum to support and enhance learning. We provide the best possible technological resources to enable learners to engage in challenging and creative projects. We promote the use of ICT in the school to enable everyone to manage their workload effectively.


Additional Educational Needs


Our priority is to meet the needs of every child. Our teachers, teaching assistants and inclusion manager identify appropriate teaching strategies and interventions to support both your child’s learning and well-being, and secure their progress. Key to your child’s success is the partnership between home and school, ensuring that as parents you feel informed and can contribute to your child’s progress. Our Inclusion Manager is responsible for ensuring that children with additional needs receive appropriate teaching programmes and where appropriate support from outside agencies. Your child’s progress will be regularly shared through a variety of parent evenings, open days and of course via your class teacher. However specific enquiries can be raised with our Inclusion Manager, Mrs Tracey Tee.


Our Facilities

  •  Electronic interactive whiteboards in every classroom
  •  Computers in every classroom, plus a mobile suite of laptop computers which can be taken anywhere and a range of tablets
  •  2 playgrounds, large field and adventure play equipment for outdoor physical education
  •  Wide range of sports equipment, including table tennis and volleyball
  •  Wildlife pond area and outside classroom for Environmental education


Provision for learners is also broadened through off site school visits, and through visitors into school.


Children can choose to take part in a range of sports, musical and creative clubs after school hours.