Ofsted Report


Ofsted inspects all state schools in England at least every three years. The inspection leads to a published report. In assessing a school, inspectors consider a range of evidence drawn from:

the school’s self-evaluation (the school’s assessment of its own performance)

  • performance data
  • pupils’ work
  • lesson observations
  • input from parents
  • discussion with pupils and staff

The inspection report includes an overall judgement on the effectiveness of the school, as well as specific judgements on:

  • achievement and standards
  • pupils’ personal development and well-beingthe quality of teaching and learning
  • curriculum provision
  • the care, guidance and support provided by the school
  • the leadership and management of the school

The report also indicates what the school should do to improve. The school is expected to use Ofsted’s recommendations as a basis for making improvements as quickly as possible.


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