Online Safeguarding

The Internet and related technologies, including mobile phones, blogs, podcasting and social networks are becoming increasingly important in the daily lives of our children and have many positive benefits.

They can be used both educationally and socially.

Socially our children use a wealth of apps and internet-linked devices to access entertainment, meet and stay in touch with friends, share likes and dislikes, learn and inform themselves about the world. Educationally, the Internet provides information, discussion, resources and inspiration for their learning.

Access to the internet is a daily part of children's lives and we need to make sure our children are able to use the internet safely. Children need to be aware of online safety due to the risks of having unknown online friends, uploading images or viewing content that may upset them. They need to learn how to protect themselves and how to treat others on line.

At Guston Church of England Primary School we encourage children, parents and teachers to talk openly about their internet use. We want to celebrate technology and take advantage of it whilst learning from each other.

So what is Online Safety?

  • Online Safety is concerned with safeguarding children, young people and indeed adults in the digital world.
  • It is about learning to understand and use new technologies and Information Communication Technology (ICT) in a positive way.
  • Online Safety is not about restricting children, but educating them about the risks as well as the benefits so they can feel confident and happy online.
  • It is about being educated ourselves so we are able to support and help children and young people online.

Some useful sites:

Parent Info
Kid Smart
Childnet Activity Zone
Safer Internet
Childnet for Children
Childnet for Parents and Carers
CBBC Stay Safe
Get Safe Online
Net Aware
Internet Matters
Facebook Tools for Parents
Google Family Safety Channel
St Helens Guide for Teachers
Betsy Bee e-safety
Kent Police Internet Safety

Staying safe using your mobile, here are some pages from mobile networks.

EE (Orange & T-Mobile)
Tesco Mobile
Vodafone Guide to Online Behaviours

To report an incident to CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency, you can use this button.

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