Information for Parents

We are all looking forward to the holiday break and having more leisure time. At this time we want o continue to support our children to be safe on line.

Details of the safety features of a range of popular social networking sites can be found below along with the safer Internet Centre’s safety checklists:

PokemonGo! – What is it?

Click on the link below to read the article from the UK Safer Internet Harm Reduction Officer, this explains a bit more about the app, the risks and what parents can do to avoid them.

Here is some help to set up safer user accounts for Microsoft Windows.
Microsoft Safer Families
Windows 7 Parental Controls

Many of our children tells they enjoy watching videos on Youtube so here is a link to help set parental controls.

YouTube Kids

With many children now playing online games these articles on Minecraft may be of some help.

What is Minecraft?
Staying safe on Minecraft

Some parent help sites for popular social networking apps.
Instagram Help for Parents

WhatsApp: a guide for parents and carers
Snapchat Privacy Settings

Safety Mode
Parent Resources
Safe Searching and Parental Controls from Internet

How to set up safe search on Google.
Google Safe Search

A guide to setting up parental controls from broadband providers.

Setting parental controls.

Some tips from BBC iWonder.

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