Kent Test

As many of you will be aware, if your child wishes to attend a grammar school in Y7 they will have to be judged to be eligible.  They will do this by taking (and passing) the Kent Test (usually sat in school in September) and the individual grammar school’s own test (co-ordinated by the grammar schools themselves). For up to date information on the Kent Test please see

 As at 1st May it states that: 

Registrations for the Kent Test will open on 1 June 2020 and close at midnight on 1 July 2020 for children due to start secondary school in September 2021. Parents will be informed closer to the time if any adjustments need to be made to the Kent Test as a result of the recent school closures for the majority of children.

Details from the Grammar school on their own registering procedures will appear on their

website nearer the time of registering. 

 Any queries, please contact the school. 


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