School Contact for all enquiries:  Inclusion manager, Tracey Tee,

Any child may, from time to time, require additional support at school to achieve their potential. For some children with complex learning needs this support may be ongoing; whilst a targeted short intervention may address a learning gap for other children and be all the support they need. All children are continually assessed as part of our best practice policy and their progress carefully tracked. If your child has been identified with SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities), we will place them on the SEND register. Your class teacher remains responsible for planning and delivery of appropriate learning opportunities but their progress will be monitored by the Inclusion Manager who when necessary will offer specific assessments, individualised approaches to learning, or access external reources to support the teaching staff.  The school values your input in planning for children with  SEND and you will be included in the process of identification and planning for how best to meet your child's needs. Details of how we approach SEND and the answers to most frequently asked questions are included in the SEND Information Report which forms part of our Inclusion Policy. This policy also details the local offer and is included below.

Details of parent presentations and relevent information in support of SEND are pasted below. Please feel free to suggest other resources that can be posted here and check back regularly. Let the office or Tracey Tee know if you have any events, groups or websites that you feel could help others.


The school is currently working on supporting parent engagement with their children's needs. Please look out on the website and parent notice board for invites to parent workships scheduled for term 4, and 6 on how we support children's learning. 

Term 4: Reading workshops

Term 6: SEND workshops


Additional Information

Since January 2015 the new SEND  code of Practice: 0 to 25 years has been in place, links to the full document and the parental guidance are below with the government guide for parents. These are lengthy documents and we would encourage all parents with any concerns to talk to their child's teacher. Additional advice can also be sought from the Inclusion manger, Tracey Tee.

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