Year 6 PGL

Year 6 had their outdoor adventure break from 26 – 28 June.

On our second day at PGL our first activity was the giant swing.  IT looked epic! At first I was quite scared, but I got over my fears and got strapped in. Me and Vy went first we chose to go right to the top while we were on the swing the others watched us .When we were ready to go I pulled a rope that let us go it, we swung really high. Although it gave us a wedgey it was epic !

By Chloe

Raft building

After making the raft with ropes, woods and barrel, my group jumped on the boat. Paddling on the raft and after Mrs. Morrison fell into the lake (it was a hilarious fall), I pushed Amrit and Ashwin of the raft. When we arrived at land, everyone played on the lake and I even pushed Mr. Well out of the jetty. At the end of the day everyone was wet and soggy though it was a phenomenal day for all of us. While we were in the water, the other group managed to get into the water. Theirs’ literally broke apart and sank.

By Jess and Bimal

My favourite activity was Power Fan because I had to climb up a pole and then jump off. After I jumped off I felt sick but it was the best thing ever the vibe that you feel is awesome.

By Megan


My favourite activity was archery because it had nothing to do with heights and we got an arrow.

By Smarika

Zip wire

Zip wire was quite scary especially the claiming bit cause the claiming laddering thing got thinner so we had to use the tree for grip.  Luckily no one fell down. L

The first thing is when Sam (Justin Beieber 2)  ties you on your harness and then Harry says clear.

Then if Harry says clear close your eyes and jump, then do a pose. J

Then Sam helps u get down.


My favourite would be power fan because you jump of a giant wood and pretend you’re a JEDI! Because you float wearing harnesses.