Our Gallery

Poppy Day Art, by Mrs Kemp

Magic Potions, by Mrs Kemp

Tag Rugby, by Mr Harper

Basketball, by Mr Harper

Tag Rugby, by Mrs Kemp

1,000,000 Years BCE, by Mr Harper

Celebrating Diwali., by Mrs Powell

Teeth Investigation, by Miss Lawrence

Dover Castle - Trip 2, by Miss Lawrence

Term 1 Homework, by Miss Lawrence

Sharks basketball, by Mr Wells

Seahorses making Smores!, by Mrs Rhodes

High Five PE, by Mr Harper

Dover Castle, by Mr Wells

Happy Dashain!, by Mrs Kemp

My Family, by Mrs Powell

High 5 lessons., by Mrs Powell

WOW SAID THE OWL !, by Mrs Powell

Gymnastics, by Miss Lawrence

Starry night, by Mrs Powell

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Friendship, Compassion, Equality, Endurance and Forgivenes