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Dover Museum Trip, by Miss Lawrence

Anglo Saxon Clothes, by Miss Lawrence

Forest School, by Miss Lawrence

Teeth!, by Miss Lawrence

Jubilee Celebrations, by Mrs Day

KS1 Disco, by Miss Gifford

Teddy Bear's picnic, by Mrs Powell

Gem jar treat!, by Miss Gifford

Trip to Fort Burgoyne, by Miss Gifford

Cheerleading Starfish, by Mrs Powell

A very wet class trip, by Mrs Powell

STEM Egg Challenge, by Mrs Rhodes

Dolphins Mindful Minis, by Miss Lawrence

Dolphins Dance Workshops, by Miss Lawrence

Stingrays Forest School, by Mrs Hixon

Mindful Mini's, by Mrs Hixon

Chinese New Year, by Mrs Powell

Toys from the past, by Miss Gifford

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Friendship, Compassion, Equality, Endurance and Forgiveness