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Tag Archery, by Mr Harper

Visit to Dover Harbour , by Mr Harper

Transport Museum Trip, by Mrs Rhodes

D&T Transport Day..., by Mrs Hixon

Shakespeare Homework, by Miss Lawrence

Camo Day, by Miss Lawrence

Camo Day 2018, by Mr Harper

Buttercup, by Mrs Rhodes

Camo day 2018, by Mrs Rhodes

Camo Day 2018, by Mrs Day

Terms 3 and 4 Homework, by Miss Lawrence

Forest School, by Miss Lawrence

Aldi Bag for Life Project, by Miss Lawrence

Macbeth!, by Miss Lawrence

Easter Bonnet Parade, by Mr Harper

Forest School, by Mr Harper

Guston's Got Talent, by Mr Harper

Experience Easter, by Mr Wells

Shared Reading..., by Mrs Hixon

Fairtrade Day 2018, by Mrs Hixon

EXTREME READ FEB 2018, by Mrs Surendorff

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Friendship, Compassion, Equality, Endurance and Forgivenes